Giving: Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Crossroads move giving platforms?

As a church, we want to provide convenient and user-friendly ways of giving. On our new platform, you will notice a cleaner appearance as well as additional options such as text-to-give and anonymous donations.

My previous login information doesn't work on the new system. Why is that?

To log-in for the first time on the new platform you will need to create a new account. The good news is we have made it easy to transfer your information! If your contact information is the same as your previous account, you can enter a few basic details and the system will recognize you then auto-populate most of your details for you.

How do I update my current recurring giving schedule?

You can update your current recurring giving schedule through your church Giving Profile. You can also create new recurring giving schedules through the new giving platform as well. Keep in mind that any recurring giving schedules you previously had are still active from the previous platform. If you are wanting to move an active recurring giving schedule from the old platform to the new one, you will need to delete it from the old platform and create a new recurring giving schedule on the new platform. For more detailed instructions, read the answer to the next question.

How do I move my recurring giving schedule from the old platform to the new one?

If you have a recurring giving schedule set up on the old platform and would like to move it to the new platform, you can do so in two easy steps:

Step 1: Delete your current giving schedule(s) from the previous platform.

Login to the previous platform and choose the "Giving" tab at the top left corner. Select "Schedules" from the tabs at the top of the page. Select the schedule(s) you wish to move to the new platform, and choose "Delete this Schedule" in the bottom, left corner.

Step 2: Add your new recurring giving schedule(s) to the new platform.

Login to the new platform and select "Manage Recurring" then click "Create Recurring Transaction." Choose "Next". Enter the amount you wish to give. Set the time frame for your recurring giving (if ongoing, check the "Ongoing" checkbox). Select the frequency of your giving and enter your billing information. To finalize your recurring giving schedule, choose "Submit".

Once you have completed the steps above, you will have successfully moved your recurring giving schedule(s) to the new system.

How do I view my total giving history?

Your giving history on the new platform will only show giving statements for transactions made on the new system. If you wish to see your total giving history, go to your church giving profile. Your transactions from the new platform are recorded there as well.

Is the new giving platform as secure?

Absolutely!  This was a major question when choosing our new platform.  We take this very seriously and this is one of the reasons we chose to go with SecureGive.  SecureGive software is encrypted with 256-bit encryption and the payment gateway software is PCI certified with 256-bit encryption.  

Questions about Text-to-Give

Why is Text-to-Give available?

We want to make giving as convenient as possible by offering multiple ways to give so that users can choose what method is most helpful to them. Using a mobile phone to give continues to be a popular and efficient way, therefore we have added this option to give users another convenience.

Is Text-to-Give secure?

Absolutely. Our Text-to-Give option is managed through SecureGive. No sensitive information is ever passed through text message. Instead, when you set up your account, your card information is held on a secure web page and the system reads the phone number attached to the account, not your card number!

How do I give via text?

To give via text, you will first need to create an account for the new giving platform. Once you are signed in, select the giving menu by clicking your name at the top right hand corner. Choose "Payment Accounts," then "Add Payment Account." Once you have established your giving account, you can start giving via text message by texting Tithe or Offering and the amount to 405-774-9747. Example: "Tithe 100" to give $100 to Tithe, or  “Missions 300" to give $300 to Missions.

Questions about Anonymous Giving

What is anonymous giving?

Anonymous giving allows you to give without your information and giving history recorded by the church. This means you will not receive a giving statement for your donation.

Why does it ask for my billing information if I am giving anonymously?

Your billing details are required for security purposes for online giving. Your contact information is not kept on file at the church.

Do I receive tax information for my anonymous donation?

No. When you give anonymously there is no record of your giving history being tracked, so you do not receive a giving statement for tax purposes. If you would like to receive a giving statement, please login to give.

How do I give anonymously?

If you would like to make an anonymous donation, you can do so here: 

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