Champion’s Club is a ministry specifically designed for kids with exceptional needs.  Our mission is to provide an essential environment for exceptional children to experience the love of God through the hearing of His word, engaging in worship, and partaking in fellowship with others.  We believe all students, regardless of their physical and/or mental abilities, are gifts from God and are made in His image, reflecting His dignity.  We speak the words of Christ over our exceptional kids: “These children are the kingdom’s pride and joy.” (Luke 18:16 MSG).



A Champion kid is one who has an official diagnosis that prevents him/her from being able to participate fully in the typical children’s ministry classes.  At Champions Club, we are prepared to minister to kids with a wide range of exceptional needs: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Deafness/Hearing Impairment, Deaf-Blindness, Developmentally Delayed, Emotional Disturbance(s), Intellectual Disability, Multiple Disabilities, Orthopedic Impairment, Other Health Impairments, Specific Learning Disability, Speech or Language Impairment, Traumatic Brain Injury, Visual Impairment (Blindness).




Champions Club is divided into four classrooms.  A Class Leader guides each room and kids rotate through the rooms with a 1:1 Teacher supporting them.

The Sensory Room

A place for kids to take it slow and engage their five senses.  Soothing lights, sounds, and aromas create a peaceful environment to prepare kids for engagement throughout the morning.

The Spirit Room

Kids worship, participate in the Bible lesson, learn Scriptures together, and enjoy a mid-morning snack.  The Teachers work within the children’s abilities to help them participate according to their needs and gifts.

The Education Room

Kids take the Biblical lesson one step further and apply it in real-world scenarios through puppet skits and role-playing activities.  Here, they are encouraged to develop positive fellowship with their classmates and learn how to live out what the Bible teaches.

The Motor Room

Lets kids engage their gross motor skills in a safe, constructive way.  They can bounce, crawl, and jump as much as they want in a space designed just for their exceptional movement needs.

Champions Club also offers flexibility on an individual level: if a Champion kid is able to participate in some activities in the other children’s ministry areas, a Teacher will move with that child to let them engage with their typically-developing peers and then rejoin Champions Club when the child is ready.  For example, if a Champion kid enjoys worshipping in the KidMotion room but their exceptional needs make sitting through the rest of the lesson difficult, a Teacher will go with them to participate in praise and worship in KidMotion and then bring the child back to Champions Club for the rest of the service.


There is an application process for Champion’s Club.  The application is what informs us of Champion kids' needs and how best to support them.  Please fill out an application and turn it in before bringing your child to Champions Club so we can make sure we are prepared to minister to your Champion.  Applications can be picked up - and turned in - at the Welcome Desks, here on our website, or in an e-mail attachment.  

Champions Club Intake Form
(click to download)
Ministry Application
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Your Champion’s safety is our top priority.  Every Champion kids must be checked in at our dedicated Champion’s Club station in the children’s ministry check in area before coming upstairs.  You will be given a security tag with a code that matches the code on your Champion’s check in tag.  Do not lose this tag!  You must present your tag to Security when you come upstairs to drop off your child.  When you come back to Champion’s Club after service, you must have this security tag to pick up your child. 

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